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Jitin Singla
Jitin Singla Assistant professor jsingla@bt.iitr.ac.in Website
Areas of Interest
  • Computational analysis of Cryo-electron tomograms and Soft X-ray tomograms, Computational Biology, ArtScience, Machine Learning, Computational Structural Biology
Honors and Awards
Provost Fellowship (5 years)University of Southern California2015
AACR-Scholar in Training AwardAAAS2015
Educational Details
B.Tech.Computer Science and EngineeringIIT Roorkee2015
M.S.Computer Science (High Performance Computing and Simulation)University of Southern California2020
Ph.D.Computational Biology and BioinformaticsUniversity of Southern California2020
Refereed Journal Papers

  • Li, A., Zhang, X., Singla, J., White, K.L., Loconte, V., Hu, C., Zhang, C., Li, S., Li, W., Francis, J.P., Sali, A., Wang, C., Sun, L., He, X. & Stevens, R.C. Neural Network based auto-segmentation and time-dependent systematic analysis of mesoscale cellular structure in β cells during insulin secretion. (Accepted at PLOS Computational Biology)
  • Singla, J., Burdsall, K., Cantrell, B., Halsey, J.R., McDowell, A., McGregor, C., Mittal, S., Stevens, R.C., Su, S., Thomopoulos, A., Vaillant, T., White, K.L., Zhang, B. & Berman, H.M. A new visual design language for biological structures in a cell. (Accepted at Structure)
  • Loconte, V., Singla, J., Li, A., Chen, J.H., Ekman, A., McDermott, G., Sali, A., White, K.L. & Larabell, C.A. Mesoscale mapping and quantification of organelle interactions using soft X-ray tomography. (Accepted at Structure)
  • Raveh, B., Sun, L., White, K. L., Sanyal, T., Tempkin, J., Zheng, D., Bharat, K., Singla, J., Wang, C., Zhao, J., Li, A., Graham, N. A., Kesselman, C., Stevens, R. C., & Sali, A. (2021). Bayesian metamodeling of complex biological systems across varying representations. (Accepted in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) Paper
  • Singla, J., White, K. L., Stevens, R. C., & Alber, F. (2021). Assessment of scoring functions to rank the quality of 3D subtomogram clusters from cryo-electron tomography. Journal of Structural Biology, 213(2), 107727. Paper
  • Singla, J., & White, K. L. (2021). A community approach to whole-cell modeling. Current Opinion in Systems Biology. Paper
  • White, K. L., Singla, J., Loconte, V., Chen, J. H., Ekman, A., Sun, L., Zhang, X., Francis, J. P., Li, A., Lin, W., Tseng, K., McDermott, G., Alber, F., Sali, A., Larabell, C., & Stevens, R. C. (2020). Visualizing subcellular rearrangements in intact β cells using soft x-ray tomography. Science advances, 6(50), eabc8262. Paper
    • Highlighted in Science: “Subcellular map of vesicle maturation” Link
  • Zhang, X., Carter, S. D., Singla, J., White, K. L., Butler, P. C., Stevens, R. C., & Jensen, G. J. (2020). Visualizing insulin vesicle neighborhoods in β cells by cryo–electron tomography. Science Advances, 6(50), eabc8258. Paper
  • Xu, M., Singla, J., Tocheva, E. I., Chang, Y. W., Stevens, R. C., Jensen, G. J., & Alber, F. (2019). De novo structural pattern mining in cellular electron cryotomograms. Structure, 27(4), 679-691. Paper
    • Highlighted in Nature Methods: “Template-free visual proteomics” Link
  • Singla, J., McClary, K. M., White, K. L., Alber, F., Sali, A., & Stevens, R. C. (2018). Opportunities and challenges in building a spatiotemporal multi-scale model of the human pancreatic β cell. Cell, 173(1), 11-19. Paper
  • Srihari, S., Kalimutho, M., Lal, S., Singla, J., Patel, D., Simpson, P. T., Khanna, K. K., & Ragan, M. A. (2016). Understanding the functional impact of copy number alterations in breast cancer using a network modeling approach. Molecular BioSystems, 12(3), 963-972. Paper
  • Srihari, S., Singla, J., Wong, L., & Ragan, M. A. (2015). Inferring synthetic lethal interactions from mutual exclusivity of genetic events in cancer. Biology direct, 10(1), 1-18. Paper
Professional Background
From Period Organisation Position
01-07-2021 Present IIT Roorkee Assistant Professor
01-01-2021 6 months University of Southern California Postdoc
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